Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aug 1st started off sweet considering we all started the day freshly showered after four days of not having showering facilities. We went through vehicle safety check early and then on to the front of a long slow line for the registration process. Registration included a bag full of cool junk and "PRECIOUS" meal tickets!! We look forward to a real breakfast tomorrow and then a drivers meeting where we will learn the "correct" way to convoy. Remember, we've already convoyed 1200 miles. But nine rigs is far less complicated than eighty plus rigs. Today our convoy of 60 plus rigs went to an event, we were strung out over a mile. The scenery through rural farmland was beautiful.We convoyed to the town of Rollla, population 100, where we helped them celebrate their 100 year anniversary. The city fathers organized a celebration and we seemed to be the "Main" attraction.People lined the streets waving. They put on a first class barbecue for us. Even the church choir entertained us.Stay tuned!!

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